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It's that time of year again - the ANNUAL BLOW OUT SALE. Beautiful product left: $1.00 sale table and 50% across the board on all annuals, baskets and containers. Come and get 'em while they are still here!! (The beautiful photo could be your space!!!) Please share this if you would be so kind and thank you.

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We'd like to congratulate Sharon LeBlanc who has won a gorgeous window box full of flowers! Sharon filled out one of our ballots, signed up for our blog and won a flower box! it's as easy as that!
Be sure to fill out a ballot the next time you are in!😊

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Stop in today get 25% off all fancy annuals and 50% off all Petunias and 6 pack flowers!!!
There's still time to make your beautiful flower container for your doorstep, or patio before family arrives!
Add some blooms to your family picnic table or as a background for pictures!🌻 (Please share this with your friends - thank you so much for helping out our business!!)

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