Calibrachoa aloha - Cherry Cartwheel
Calibrachoa aloha – Cherry Cartwheel

It’s time! We are in the greenhouse – oh what joy to be breathing in that moist earthy smell and to once again have our hands in the soil – happy, happy!! The plants are arriving fast and furious: little baby cuttings, bare root perennials, rooted perennial cuttings – the greenhouse is getting full already. This is such a fun time to get all the plants in their “homes” and each day you can see them grow from day to day.

This is a list of the plants that we have coming in this year: annuals, perennials, fruit, & shrubs.

Petunia Ray Salmon
Petunia Ray Salmon

If there is something that you would like but do not see on the lists, let us know – we may be able to source it for you. I’m particularly excited to see:

~ Designer annuals: Calibrachoa aloha – cherry cartwheel and petunia ray salmon;

~ Perennials: Hemerocallis Cape Breton and Euphorbia ascot Rainbow;

~ Shrubs: Rosa ‘Knock Out’ and Weigela florida ‘Variegata’.

Hemerocallis Cape Breton
Hemerocallis Cape Breton

Okay, okay: if the truth be told – I’m excited to see them all!

We will be starting our tomatoes this month around the 15th – that is what we have found to be the ideal time for our climate: before that, the plants get overgrown before they are set out but later than that, they don’t mature up quickly enough. We have some exciting new varieties this year and some old favourites – check out tomatoes.

If you are around and want to come visit in the greenhouse for a shot of spring, feel welcome to drop in for a few minutes. It is so very interesting. (We might put you to work, tho’!)



Weigela florida 'Variegata'
Weigela florida ‘Variegata’
Euphorbia ascot Rainbow
Rosa 'Knock Out’
Rosa ‘Knock Out’


Back in the Greenhouse – Spring 2015
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