Spring is in the air! – or so the calendar says. It doesn’t matter if it’s still a bit cool or damp out there, my mind is filled with possibilities for the new growing season!! A gardener is the eternal optimist and in the spring, there are so many things to look forward to in the garden – new growth popping up through the soil from a long winter’s nap, the first flush of colour from fall bulbs and the possibilities of adding new varieties of plants to what is already there.

Whether you have an established garden or are starting a new site, it’s always good to start dreaming and planning about what plants you wish to grow and where you would put them. When you make that initial trip to a garden center (either on-line or in person!), you will be better prepared to make informed choices and ask the questions that will help you in your own specific garden.

With so many plants from which to choose, it is sometimes difficult to know which ones to buy. One of the main keys to success is knowing a few things about your site: Is it a sunny area? Does it have moist or dry soil? Maybe it’s a shady or windy spot? What is our zone? Note that the lower the zone, the colder it is. Check out this link to locate your zone…

For more technical info (but very informative), check this out:


Perennials 2012 (480x640)Do you want to have a new flush of colour and variety in size and shape of flowers every year? – then plan annuals! So many to choose from and voila! Instant colour!
A perennial garden has a one-time cost of buying the plants. They take time to establish but once they settle in and start to grow, you can watch them flourish and enjoy them for years.

If you want to plant perennials in a sunny location, some choices would be rudbeckia, day lillies, dianthus, bee balm, oregano, thyme, and coneflower. A shady area can come alive with different types of foliage that often offer a splash of colour such as hostas, ferns, lungwort, astilbe or bleeding hearts. Please note that almost every type of perennial that we sell has been grown in our own farm garden. Be assured that they are good for our climate.

funnyDrop in and let us help you find the right plants for the right place in your yard. No matter what type of garden location you have, we have beautiful plants for you. For all you eternally optimistic, forward-looking gardeners, check out our 2016 Plant List available this year on our website.

The following website has a couple of excellent checklists you can use to make sure that the garden you are planning for is the garden you get.



Planning the Garden – Spring 2016
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