I bet you already know that we grow and sell beautiful, hardy flowers and plants of all kinds here at The Bayside Garden Center but did you know that we also have a gift shop?  We feature wonderful handcrafted, locally made works of and as well as gifts from exotic locations!

I am yet to find a person who does not appreciate a good gift. We all love to feel appreciated, to be congratulated for a job well done or be shown gratitude for just being ourselves!  The art of giving a gift goes back thousands of years to the caveman era when a beautiful rock, a special flower or an animal tooth might be given as a sign of love or respect. Gifts have gotten a little more sophisticated since then but the sentiment remains the same.

There is something so touching about receiving an unexpected gift and because it came from you will make it all the more special!

Soaps and lotions1Soaps and lotions 2
We’d like to highlight a few of our gift items here at The Bayside Gift Shop to get you thinking about that perfect gift for Mother’s Day (May 8th), birthdays, appreciation and “just because” gifts. We offer local and luxurious hand-made soaps, sprays, salves, lip balms, teas and beeswax candles by various artisans such as The Soap Chef, It’s About Thyme, Swinkles Bee Products, Seafoam Lavender and our very own Herbs Plus.

Malpeque Fine IronWe have a fantastic new product in store:  Malpeque Fine Iron Bug Aways!  Winner of the best new export product from Atlantic Canada 2015, they keep the summer bugs away by smoldering your used egg cartons or cardboard in these cute little iron creatures –  ½ a carton will keep the bugs away for an hour.  They are made in PEI from reclaimed iron and not hot to touch so you can easily move it around your deck or yard. http://www.malpequefineiron.com/

CandyWe have such a wide selection old fashioned candy and chocolates that we couldn’t fit them all in the picture! We’ve got the classics, fine truffles, plus clotted cream candies from “Buchanan’s of Scotland.” Candy and flowers – still the best gifts going!

Check out our colourful picture frames, mirrors, jewellery boxes, wind chimes and ring holder which are all handmade in Bali.

One World Trading

Beautiful and very functional, our Jelly Bean indoor/outdoor washable mats are available in many different themes such as seasonal, animal and nautical themes. They are made from 35% post consumer plastic.

Jelly Bean MatsWe couldn’t possibly show you all of our gift-giving treasures here or we’d crash the internet!  So we invite you to come on in and have a look for yourself!

Have fun with your gift giving & have a happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at The Bayside!

The Art of Gift Giving (Offerings from The  Bayside Gift Shop)
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