Okay, what do you think about when you hear that someone is a “real pansy???”  Usually it is not a very flattering comment.  Personally, if someone called me a “pansy,” I would take it as a compliment!  Why??  Well, of all the plants that I grow in the greenhouse, there are none that are more accommodating, strong and faithful that the humble pansy and its first cousin, the viola.  First to blossom (and what an array of colors available!), frost tolerant, inexpensive, flowers all summer and depending on the variety, they will live through the winter to bring you early color in the spring.  What more could one ask from a plant?

There has been some wonderful advancement made in pansy genetics in the past few years.   The new series that came on the market about three years ago called Wave Pansy is amazing.   They come in an array of colors and will spread up to three feet wide; they are winter hardy in Zone 5 (our zone – see our blog of April for info on zones). There have been other varieties of pansies that have come on to the market in the past several years that are considered trailing pansies – we used these quite extensively in our hanging baskets and our hanging bags. They are sold under the names of Plentifall and Wonderfall –they have a smaller flower and certainly lots of spreading power.

The greenhouse is absolutely hopping these days with activity – seeding, transplanting, taking perennials in from the farm and potting them up, designing baskets and containers, looking after all the plants – the days are busy, busy, busy (a very good busy, I will say).  Not to mention, just getting the facility all spiffed up and ready for the season is a big task as when YOU, our valued customer, walks through the door that you have a feeling of that you are coming to a special place.

So, we are (90%!!) ready for you so come on in any time you wish.  We are always open and working from  9 – 5 (just like Dolly Parton!!).  I know it’s early but you can come look, dream, plan, ask questions and just hang out in our beautiful place.

Come and see our wide selection of pansies from small packs of 4 plants, single pansy pots,  hanging baskets, containers (on sale this weekend by the way)- and please note that pansies are fine outside now so you can brighten up your space easily and inexpensively.

And the next time you hear someone give a slur against pansies, hopefully you will stick up for the lovely plant.  Till next time, happy spring planting and garden prepping!



You can call me a “Pansy” anytime!
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