Wow, what an exciting day! Today my grandson was born:  Drew Gordon Jackson and the Jolt Dianthus started to flower.  I have to admit that I am much more excited about our little Drew arriving than the Jolt blooming!

However, we are pretty happy about the Jolt Dianthus finally showing its pretty face.  This plant is brand new on the market this year and looks like a real winner.  Check out the link here at the AAS winner: Dianthus262004054 – it truly does look like a fabulous plant.  We have a good selection of these and they will be on sale this weekend.

Speaking about new plants, it is always amazing to me as to the new varieties that come onto the market each year.  I am always trying new things and this year, I must say that the Jolt Dianthus  looks like a winner – although it is later to bloom, I’m certain it will make up the difference on the other end as dianthus, generally speaking, are quite hardy and sometimes will over winter.  We also have a new petunia called ‘Knightrider’ which has a most interesting color and seems to  be a “well behaved” plant as far as its shape.   It is not always the case that new varieties perform as good as they are promoted – a few years ago (maybe 8??), the industry introduced the new black petunia with great accolades so I ordered them.  Well, talk about a sad plant:  uneven color, uneven growth and very “dirty” to try deadhead.  I never ordered them again until last year and I must say that the industry really got it right by this time.  They are beautiful and rich looking. – check it out!

Anyway, it’s back to the water hose – it may as well be an extension of my arm these days.  Lots of time to keep all these plants looking great until you arrive to visit with us!!