fall-mums1So here we are, fellow gardeners, heading into the  fall season together and wondering what we are going to do to get the most out of our summer containers and garden beds to keep them blooming and vibrant. Many of you have containers where one or two of the plants are still looking great while some of the others are not looking so great. What to do? What to do??? It would be great to save the plants you have while freshening up that beautiful container through the fall – the answer is: MUMS!


Mums come in a variety of jewel-toned colors such as oranges, golds, reds, violets, pinks and purple and are perfect for adding color and drama to your fall container or flower bed.

Short for “Chrysanthemum” and considered a perennial in some zones, mums come in all shapes and sizes from a daisy-like appearance to a dalia-like crown and are simply stunning with lush foliage to boot!


Most fall mums won’t make it through our cold Northern winters but for the adventurous gardener, try moving them to an unheated garage at the end of the season –  you might be pleasantly surprised that your mum has overwintered beautifully! Last year at the end of the season, I had a few mixed mum containers left over and I kept them in the unheated greenhouse all winter.  In the spring, I put them in my garden and they are happily in bloom right now – beautiful and BIG!  Planting them directly into the garden (especially in a southerly facing  protected area) -will often bring success in over-wintering.


To get the most out of your fall mums, plant or place your mums in an area that receives at least 4 hours of sun per day and keep them well watered.


A large order of mums and other fall plants have arrived this week at The Bayside – lots from which you can choose.  We have a variety of different container sizes as well as bedding mums and although we think mums are the Queen of the garden for fall, we also offer gorgeous fall asters, pennisetum grass, rudbeckia (black eyed susan) and flowering kale to add eye catching flair to your autumn display. These beautiful plants offer a truly vibrant addition to your gardening.


Be sure to stop by and enjoy the beautiful flowers!


Mums & other fall garden favorites!