Well, I promised myself that I would get up the go and write this blog before our plants arrive – which will happen in about two days!!  Yes, we are madly preparing for the upcoming year.  It’s a very exciting and anxious time of the year – hoping that we have all the “ducks in a row” getting this year started.  Give it a week or so, but check into our website to see the up-to-date list of plants for this year. www.thebaysidegardencentre.com

We are looking forward to seeing this again!!

I’ve been thinking about Easter and all the excitement that happens around this holiday.  I did a little reading on the origins of our customs and found some interesting history/facts.

 Nothing says “Easter” like Easter lilies – such pure beauty is found in these beautiful flowers that come onto the market in the lead-up time for Easter.  Easter lilies come by their name because of their shape (like Gabriel’s trumpet; another resurrection motif), color (white, symbolizing purity), and because they seem to spring from the earth after the long months of winter.

The Easter Bunny is of German origin. He shows up in 16th century literature as a deliverer of eggs, sorta like a springtime St. Nicholas bent on rewarding the good. (Colored eggs were left only for well-behaved good children). All manner of rabbits are said to lay eggs on Easter Day  and are often associated with fertility and the returning Spring.  Come in and see our charming one-of–a-kind locally hand-crafted bunnies – a keepsake item, for sure!

Eggs are very obvious symbols of resurrection and continuing life. Early humans thought the return of the sun from winter darkness was an annual miracle, and saw the egg as a natural wonder and proof of the renewal of life. The egg is also the ultimate symbol of fertility.  In our shop, we have these beautiful hand-painted eggs so beautifully crafted by the very talented Gail Ryan.

Are you curious as to why Easter is not at a “set” date every year? If so, check this out: https://www.thoughtco.com/how-date-of-easter-is-calculated-542413

If you have little ones in your life, check out our beautiful “fluffies” from Douglas Toys that we have brought into the shop.  I’ve tried out their products over the years and they are of the highest quality. Sooooooo sweet! “Theodore, the teddy” is waiting to meet you!

Anyway, HAPPY SPRING to all!! Have faith, we will see summer at the end of all this loooong spring in Cape Breton.

Plan on dropping in to get a breath of spring in the greenhouse around the first of May – I’ll send out a note when I have a set date.

What do you think about having a “Garden Party” at the greenhouse around Mid-June – I am thinking that it might be a good idea!!!  What do you think?

Spring is here!!! We are so excited, we are wetting our plants!!!
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