noun: shrubbery; plural noun: shrubberies
  1. shrubs collectively.
    • an area planted with shrubs.

That word can conjure up different meanings or images for different people:  some people think of the definition, while others like myself,  think of Monty Python and the Knights Who Say “Ni!” – and is partially why my inner geek is excited to share this blog with all of you.

The beauty of a shrubbery (aside from the flowers and foliage) is its versatility.  Shrubs can be used in spaces that are too small for trees but could use a bit of dimension. If you have a spot that is lacking that special something – that “something special” could be provided by  a shrub!   

A few reasons why shrubs are a great choice for your space:

  • When you buy a shrub, you are making an investment which provides you with a pleasant and functional return for many years to come.
  • Shrubs are hard workers in the garden and generally settle in happily, provided they are placed in their area of preference (sun, soil and drainage). Requirements differ from one type of shrub to the next which is why we offer a wide selection to suit your needs! Our shrubs have been selected to thrive in the variables of  weather we have in Cape Breton.  As well, we choose our shrubs to offer you a wide variety of foliage color, heights, widths, flower (size & color) and cultural requirements.  
  • Shrubs are relatively easy to care for. A little bit of pruning and mulching and you are well on your way to a happy, healthy shrubbery!
  • Purchasing a shrub means extending the enjoyment of your gardening season. Many shrubs offer visual appeal long after the annuals and perennials have lost their luster.
  • As well as lending their beauty to your space, shrubs provide homes to all sorts of beneficial insects, birds and other creatures.

Whatever your reasons for adding shrubs to your garden, we hope that with our offering of more than 50 different types of shrubs, you will find that perfect fit.  We would be happy to help you find the right selection for your space, or answer any questions you may have.

Here’s a sneek peak at five of our favorites for this year !

Magnolia Leonard Messel
Hydrangea Bloomstruck
Maroon Swoon Weigela




Syringa Vulgaris “Primrose”
Rhododendron “Tri-lights”







Written by: Team member Diana Austin

Reference:    Garden Seeker, 10 Best Things About Shrubs, 2016 from: