As one of my favorite songwriters wrote:  “All my life’s a circle, sunrise and sundown…the season’s spinning round again and the years go rolling by…”  These words come to mind as we once again “kick it in” at the greenhouse.  One day, life seems sorta normal and predictable and then the next– whoa!!  We are back at it full tilt – receiving plants, making hanging baskets, creating containers, potting pansies (by the 100’s!!), potting up the “pretties.”  It feels something like a marathon – just keep going till we reach the end.  The good news is that everybody  on staff are returnees (ie, trained, willing and able) which is such a big plus.

So take a look at the following photos and you will get a sense of what we are doing.  It is such a lovely environment to hang out in during these cold, damp spring days.  Watching the plants respond to the care and attention that they receive is very rewarding.

Reminder:   If you want to order any fruit trees or specific shrubs, please take a look at the website of our supplier:  .  Most of the product that they have listed would be available (some may be sold out by this time) so if you let us know, we will just add it to our order and then I can give you a reduced price if I do not have to hold it in inventory.

So many of you gardeners are thinking about starting seeds these days.  Here are some time-tested tips:

Starting seeds indoors is a great way for getting a head-start on growing the seedlings for transplanting into the garden.

To successfully start seeds indoors, you need to purchase quality seed and seeding mix.  Either purchase trays or be creative in your use of clean, re-cycled containers (ie.: milk container, egg cartons, mushroom packs, etc).  Choose a sunny, south facing window.  Seeds can be expensive so read the directions carefully to get a successful batch of seedlings especially if you are trying to grow heirloom vegetables or     exotic flowers!

The Bayside carries a variety of top-notch, NON-GMO seeds from two Nova Scotia seeding companies: Hope Organic Seeds out of Annapolis Royal and OSC. Come and check out our selection in the gift shop!

This website from Canadian Gardening gives a good overview of the eight seed starting basics – choosing seeds, containers, sowing medium,  following directions, keep moisture in, watering, light, fertilizer and hardening off plants before putting them outside.                     

Grow lights can be very beneficial if you want strong, healthy plants. Often, people get discouraged about starting seeds because they start too early or don’t provide the correct light for the plant to grow and they get “leggy”, weak plants that just don’t flourish when set outside.  Grow lights can be purchased through seed companies or hardware stores.  They are a great investment if you want to start seeds each year.

One common problem that people have is “damping off” which is a condition when a seemingly healthy plant suddenly dies. To prevent this, good airflow around the plants is very important. Adding a small fan will be helpful. Check this link for more on how to prevent this problem:

If you are interested in growing flowers from seed, some easy ones to grow are nasturtiums, lupines and morning glory. Easy vegetables to grow are lettuce, kale, carrots, peas and cucumbers. Mostly, plant what you like to eat and look at!  Perhaps try your luck on something you’ve never grown before. If you don’t like the end result, I guarantee you’ll find a neighbor or friend who will!



On your mark…get set…start your seeds!