This Blog is a re-post from last years Mother’s Day blog.

We loved the story of Marilyn’s famous tea cup floral arrangements then, and we still love it now! So, if you’d like a special Tea Cup floral arrangement from The Bayside, be sure to get your order in soon so we can have it ready for Mom by Mother’s Day.   She’ll be so pleased!

Give this sweet little story a read through:

“To one who bears the sweetest name and brings such nature to the same” – this quote was on a little plate that my Mother had on the kitchen wall when I was a child and I always loved it so much – it made me love her even more when I would read it.  Mother’s Day is such a special time to honor our birth mothers and all the many women in our lives who give the nurturing love of a mother to those around her (I say all women are mother spirits!!!)

When did Mother’s Day begin?  Well take a little look at this link and it will tell you a bit about the history of the day. 

A classic gift for my mother when I was a little child was to bring her a china cup and saucer – they always seemed soooo beautiful to me and Mom seemed to really appreciate them.  They were kept in a high cupboard (away from the many little hands!) and were brought out for showers, parties and for “special occasions.”  Maybe that is why I have chosen to do floral tea cup arrangements in our flower shop – it is very, very nostalgic for me to work with these cups and so enjoy the beauty and memory of other times.  Really, when do we take the time to appreciate the fine work that went into the beautiful designs of china cup and saucers?  PHOTO HERE

How many of you asked your mother “when is children’s day??” and received the answer “EVERYDAY is children’s day!!”  That makes me smile to remember her saying that to me.

And to all of you who may be looking for something special for a woman in your life, come on down to our shop and you may find the perfect gift:  bird feeders, garden gloves, cute stuffed animals, candy (yum!!), flower arrangements – all kinds of lovely items.  Oh, the garden center is starting to show some pretty flowers so…drop by.

Anyway, to all you special women out there, have a wonderful Mother’s Day and I hope you are treated very, very well!

Mother’s Day’s Tea Cup Flower Tradition