Fruit with a side of Nostalgia!

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As a child growing up in my father’s little fruit orchard, I was enchanted by the variety of fruit trees and bushes heavy with  their …

marilynFruit with a side of Nostalgia!


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Well, it’s that time of year again for all of us gardeners:  those days when it is warm and dry enough for us to start …


Mums & other fall garden favorites!

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So here we are, fellow gardeners, heading into the  fall season together and wondering what we are going to do to get the most out …

marilynMums & other fall garden favorites!

Should I plant perennials?

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People around this time of year ask me whether or not it is too late to plant perennials (that’s those plants that come back every …

marilynShould I plant perennials?

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Wow, what an exciting day! Today my grandson was born:  Drew Gordon Jackson and the Jolt Dianthus started to flower.  I have to admit that …